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[movies]Chicago Newsroom
Ken Davis is joined by Dan Miller, Heartland Institute.  They debate libertarian ideas and the role of government to provide for the general welfare of the nation. This program was produced by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).
Keywords: libertarian
Downloads: 16
[unknown]Usenet groups within cor.libertarian from
Usenet newsgroups within "cor.libertarian", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: cor.libertarian
Downloads: 16
[audio]Lo DP Episode 013.5
We discuss the current situation in New Brunswick, Canada
Keywords: Liberty; libertarian
Downloads: 11
[texts]Of Tea-Parties and Patriots: Liberty for who? - "John Brown"
As town hall meetings on health care become the targets for disruptive protest and a growing "pro-liberty" movement gains traction and headlines, a full analysis of the situations we are facing as white working class people and an analysis of the strategies of the new "pro-liberty" movement is necessary.
Keywords: kansas; libertarian
Downloads: 67
[audio]Lo DP Episode 016
Shit shooting.
Keywords: libertarian; liberty
Downloads: 22
[audio]Lo DP Episode 017
Brian joins us again as we talk about the Michael Brown shooting in Missouri and the Islamic State.
Keywords: Liberty; libertarian
Downloads: 33
[movies]Libertarian Counterpoint #727 - Art Tuma
Sacramento talk show.
Keywords: libertarian; tv
Downloads: 154
[audio]Against Intellectual Property by Stephan Kinsella
A Libertarian view on Copyright and Intellectual property.
Keywords: Copyright; libertarian
Downloads: 44,451
[movies]Libertarian Counterpoint #726 - Libertarian Counterpoint
Libertarian cable access TV program from Sacramento, Calif.
Keywords: libertarian; politics
Downloads: 207
[audio]Lo DP Episode 025
We discuss the attacks in France and the concept of rights.
Keywords: liberty; libertarian
Downloads: 33
[audio]Lo DP Episode 023
We bring you part two of our three-part series on defense as well as a discussion on the nature of state monopolies with a few rants about Ontario thrown in for good measure.
Keywords: Liberty; Libertarian
Downloads: 28
[audio]Ep 7 W Christina Tobin
This week, Aaron's guest is Christina Tobin, an American activist and leader in the election reform and voters’ rights movements. She is the founder and chair of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, and president and chief executive officer of Free and Equal, Inc.
Keywords: declare!; libertarian; lpo; libertarian podcast of ohio
Downloads: 234
Audio Freedom Daily for Feb. 5, 2014
Keywords: freedom; liberty; libertarian; austrian
Downloads: 7
[audio]Just Right #224 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-224-November 3, 2011 Focus: Anarchy Meets Anarchy No Two Ways About It: Libertarianism Is Anarchy 'Less Than Nil' - Libertarianism's Contribution To Freedom Libertarians And Conservatives - Lying In State Together The Two States Of Anarchy
Keywords: Anarchy; Freedom; Politics; Libertarian
Downloads: 17
[audio]Just Right #223 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Just Right-223-October 27, 2011 Focus: Libertarians And Libertarianism Libertarianism - Freedom's Nemesis, The Right Road To Freedom - More Than Politics, Liberty's Perversion - Defending Freedom On The Wrong Premises, Libertarian Epistemology - Incapable Of Advocating Freedom
Keywords: Liberty; Libertarian; Freedom; Politics
Downloads: 15
[audio]Indiana Libertarians on WXNT 1430
Radio Commercial Fall 2007
Keywords: libertarian; indiana; WXNT
Downloads: 523
[audio]Music Free Static Episode 3 - Randall Smith
Music Free Static Episode 3 =========================== Welcome to Music Free Static episode 3. Today is June 23rd, 2012. I am your host, Randall Smith bringing you political and technology news and commentary from around Colorado and around the nation. Originally posted at Table of Contents ================= 1 Introduction 2 Religious freedom 3 Skype, VoIP banned in Ethiopia 4 Search engines and the 1st Amendment 5 Copyright 1 Introduction --------------- Subscribe t...
Keywords: politics, libertarian, conservative
Downloads: 193
[audio]Lo DP Episode 011.5
We recap a successful turkey hunt in Ontario and talk pistols.
Keywords: Libertarian; Libertarianism; liberty; podcast
Downloads: 16
[audio]LoDP Episode 015.858 550
We comment on Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney's July 23 announcement of changes to firearms legislation in Canada.
Keywords: liberty; libertarian; podcast
Downloads: 12
[audio]LoDP - Episode 015
Brian joins us for more on immigration, training and consitutional issues.
Keywords: Liberty; libertarian; podcast
Downloads: 14
[audio]rec_(07_19_2014)_0 - Paul Revere Radio
Keywords: Libertarian; Political Talk
Downloads: 3
[audio]Lo DP Episode 019
Reflections on the October 22 shootings in Ottawa.
Keywords: Libertarian; liberty; podcast
Downloads: 44
[audio]Just Right #281 Robert Metz
Just Right-281-December 20, 2012, Freedom's Principals on Freedom's Principles, Freedom: The Expression Of Reality, The Philosophy Of Government In A Free Society, Libertarianism Vs A Free Society, On Who Isn't A Libertarian
Keywords: Libertarian; Freedom; Government
Downloads: 12
[movies]Send A Message - Vote Badnarik
Presents the idea that voters can "Send a Message" by voting for what they want instead of against what they fear. For many American voters that means voting for Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President.
Keywords: Badnarik; Libertarian; President
Downloads: 189
[audio]Music Free Static Episode 9 - Randall Smith
Music Free Static Episode 9 =========================== Welcome to Music Free Static episode 9. Today is August 4th, 2012. I am your host, Randall Smith bringing you political and technology news and commentary from around Colorado and around the nation. Watch the video at Table of Contents ================= 1 Introduction 2 The Bikeshed problem in politics 3 Copyright 1 Introduction --------------- Subscribe to Music Free Static: - [YouTube] - [iTunes] - [Google+] -...
Keywords: politics; talk; conservative; libertarian
Downloads: 195
[audio]Lo DP Episode 011
Matt visits Canada and Jason finally contributes for a roundhouse collection of tirades and rants on the BLM, the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, the Mossberg 590A1 and more. This episode was recorded over the course of 3 weeks so you'll notice the audio quality change for parts of the episode, and Matt bounce from hammered drunk to sober and back again.
Keywords: libertarian; libertarianism; liberty; podcast
Downloads: 13
[audio]Lo DP Episode 022
We talk about private citizens providing protection during the Ferguson riots, the fraud Mark Kessler and for our first segment in a three-part series on defense: home defense.
Keywords: Liberty; Libertarian; Podcast
Downloads: 38
[audio]LoDP Episode 018
Bill C-42 and the Ebola outbreak are discussed.
Keywords: Liberty; libertarian; podcast
Downloads: 40
[audio]Frihetsjournalen006 - Dick Erixon
Sjätte avsnittet av Frihetsjournalens poddradio består av två intervjuer, dels med bloggaren WILLE FALER i London om frihetens gräns, dels med tankesmedjan Captus vd NINA SANANDAJI om (bristen på) liberal opinionsbildning. Programledare: Dick Erixon. (37 min)
Keywords: frihet; globalisering; libertarian; opinionsbildning
Downloads: 24
[audio]Lo DP Episode 013
Tyler's cousin Geoff joins the panel to discuss his experiences as a new shooter and we talk about recent events in California.
Keywords: Liberty; Libertarian; podcast
Downloads: 11
[audio]PDI-Cast 08/17/2007 - Progressive Democrats of Illinois
Progressive Talk - Is it possible to be an Elvis fan and still be a Progressive? Is there common ground between Progressives and Libertarians? Can we find a way to work together if so?
Keywords: Progressive; Democrat; Elvis; Libertarian
Downloads: 81
[audio]Lo DP Episode 020
We talk training vs shooting and cover an intro to reloading
Keywords: liberty; libertarian; podcast
Downloads: 37
[audio]Black Sheep Rising - Episode 01
In this fine episode, Robin Hood of Keene makes an appearance, Conan has way too much fun with his new sound drops and James decides it would be pretty neat to flip off his mic half way through the show. Good times.  View the show notes at
Keywords: libertarian; anarchist; voluntaryist
Downloads: 14
[audio]New Libertarian Manifesto - SEK3
The answer to communism.
Keywords: libertarian; tweek; agorism
Downloads: 484
[movies]Your Peace President - Aaron Russo
Unlike Bush or Kerry, Michael Badnarik will bring home our troops and concentrate on National Defense instead of international offense. Don't condone the Iraq war or the Patriot Act. Vote Badnarik!
Keywords: Peace; Libertarian; President
Downloads: 343
[movies]"Democratic Hypocrisy" - Timothy West, Charles Town, WV
This is a 1 minute ad for the Libertarian Party. It's purpose is to attempt to show Democrats as both responsible for the Iraq War equally to the Republicans and to show that the Libertarian Party has the only real Exit Strategy to get out of Iraq. This ad has been donated to the Libertarian Party for use in the upcoming 2006 elections.
Keywords: Libertarian Party; TV ad
Downloads: 416
[audio]Lo DP Episode 024
Tyranny and Eric Garner
Keywords: Liberty; libertarian; gun rights
Downloads: 28
[audio]No King but Jesus podcast 001 - Christian Burns
Conversational podcast with some paleo-conservative political types.
Keywords: libertarian; christian; politics; government
Downloads: 1,601
[movies]Noam Chomsky on the original meaning of "libertarian"...
...Before the word got co-opted by free market propagandists: "Remember that the United States is out of the world on this type of thing. Britain is to a limited extent, but the United States is on Mars. So here, the term 'libertarian' means the opposite of what it always meant in history. 'Libertarian' throughout European history meant 'socialist-anarchist.' The worker's movement--the socialist movement--sort of broke into 2 branches, one statist, one anti-statist...
Keywords: noam chomsky; libertarian; propaganda
Downloads: 512
[texts]Menace of The Herd - Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Published under the pseudonym Francis Stuart Campbell, it is an all-out attack on mob rule as the key to democratic totalitarianism
Keywords: libertarian; conservatism; reactionary; paleoconservative
Downloads: 1,747
[movies]Glenn Greenwald on libertarianism, civil liberties and terrorism after Obama, full question and answer portion
From November 3, 2010 -- Highlight: "Gary Johnson is to the left of Barack Obama" Speaking to a University of Wisconsin audience of more than 200 people Wednesday night, one journalist argued terrorism is a veil the United States government hides behind to successfully encroach on the civil liberties of its citizens. journalist Glenn Greenwald said the terms civil liberties and terrorism constitute a paradox in that people believe civil liberties are vague but in reality are absolutely...
Keywords: glenn greenwald; libertarian; republican
Downloads: 395
[unknown]Wiki - Libertarian Labyrinth
Libertarian Labyrinth dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Libertarian Labyrinth; libertarian_labyrinthorg_wiki; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 1
[audio]Ep 5 W Jim Babka Of The Downsize DC Foundation 6 - Declare! The Official Podcast of the Libertarian Party of Ohio
Jim Babka is the co-founder and President of the Downsize DC Foundation and, Inc. Most business days, he and his team mobilize an army of more than 31,000 concerned citizens, many of whom, in turn, instruct their employees on Capitol Hill on how they want to be represented.Jim Babka regularly guest-hosts Straight Talk with Jerry Hughes on the Accent Radio Network. For nearly four years he hosted The Downsize DC Conference Call on the Genesis Communications Network.Mr...
Keywords: Declare; Libertarian; Libertarian Party of Ohio; LPO; podcast; Jim Babka
Downloads: 80
[movies]Gary Johnson and Jill Stein debate
This was on Nov 5, 2012 and is archived at Metalink:
Keywords: Politics; greens; libertarian; presidential; debate
Downloads: 17
[audio]Political Ramblings
Dennis talks about his political ideologies, and why he would vote for Ron Paul in 2012 if he is on the ballot.
Keywords: Ron Paul; Republican; Libertarian; UConn
Downloads: 11
[audio]Voice of Liberty - Episode 7
Seventh episode of "The Voice of Liberty," which airs every Monday at 1-2 AM on WGBT. Listen at
Keywords: Libertarian; Talk Show; Georgetown Radio
Downloads: 9
[audio]Music Free Static Episode 12 - Randall Smith
Music Free Static Episode 12 ============================ Originally posted at Table of Contents ================= 1 Introduction 2 Private companies enforcing the law 3 TPP Encourages ISPs to be the Internet police 4 Copyright 1 Introduction --------------- Welcome to Music Free Static episode 12. Today is August 25th, 2012. I am your host, Randall Smith bringing you political and technology news and commentary from around Colorado and around the nation...
Keywords: politics; conservative; libertarian; talk; copyright
Downloads: 227
[audio]Voice of Liberty - Episode 10
Tenth episode of "The Voice of Liberty," which airs every Monday at 1-2 AM on WGBT. Listen at
Keywords: Libertarian; Talk Show; Georgetown Radio
Downloads: 7
[audio]Voice of Liberty - Season 2, Episode 3
The third episode of the second season of The Voice of Liberty on WGTB Georgetown Radio, hosted by Alex Zajac and Daniel Kendrick. We air every Saturday from 10-11pm this season. Be sure to listen in at
Keywords: Libertarian; Talk Show; Georgetown Radio
Downloads: 19
[audio] -
Saturday 12/15/07 Hours 1,2,&3 : Cops murder man in front of eyewitnesses and get away with it! / Bill Hicks / International Ron Paul Support / Liberty Is for Everyone / What weapons freedom? / Naked Rambler / Immigration / Migrating California Socialists / Purchasing Drugs Legally and Illegally / The FTL Store's Ron Paul Promotion / Direct Deposit Issue Friday 12/14/07 Hours 1,2,&3 : Missing IRS Agent / Are humans evolving faster? / Activist Infighting / Liberty Dollar Update / Mall Security Ru...
Keywords: ftl; freetalklive; fsp; liberty; libertarian
Downloads: 101
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